What to Bring

When you arrive in Vioolsdrift, you must first report to the customs officials at the border post and have your passport stamped to leave South Africa . Proceed over the bridge to Namibia , where you will be required to fill in a form before your passport is stamped.

On the form, you are required to give the address in Namibia where you will be staying.
Here you write – ” Aussenkehr – Orange River ” and “(5) five days” for the duration of stay.
Once the Namibian authorities have stamped your passport, turn around and drive back over the bridge.

At the South African border post explain that you are going to do a river trip with Bushwhacked Outdoor Adventures and that you just came to have your passport stamped. So in effect, you will have been stamped out of South Africa and into Namibia . On the last day of the trip, we are picked up on the Namibian side of the river and thus have to return from Namibia , so we have to carry our passports with us for the duration of the trip.

The following is a guideline list of things to pack for the trip. As everything has to be packed on the canoes and taken with us, it would be wise to take as little as possible. It is also a good idea to pack in your older clothes, as your clothes will probably become very dirty.

• Warm sleeping bag with inner liner.
• Foam roll mat (available at most camping outlets).
• Small ground sheet or tarpaulin.
• Lightweight tent (optional – generally the weather is such that a tent is not required and one sleeps outside under the      stars).
• Eating utensils – plate, bowl, mug, (preferably plastic or tin). Knife, fork and spoon
• Toiletry bag: Toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, hairbrush or comb, deodorant, biodegradable shampoo      and soap.
• Strong black plastic bags (at least 4 per person) for waterproofing your personal belongings
. • Small personal first aid kit – a couple of plasters and pain pills.
• Insect repellent.
• Sun tan oil and sun block.
• Lip Ice.
• Torch and spare batteries.
• Hat or cap. • Sunglasses with straps.
• Costume.
• Warm jacket, jersey or windbreaker.
• Tracksuit or long pants and top (for wearing in the evenings).
• Walking shoes.
• 1 x pair of socks.
• Strops or flip-flops (to be worn on the river).
• 2 x shorts.
• 4 x T-shirts
. • Underwear.
• Towel.
• Fishing gear*
• Small fold up chair*
• Camera and extra film*
• Binoculars*
• Sweets, chocolates, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages (please ensure that all refreshments are either in cans or      decanted into plastic bottles, as broken glass tends to be hazardous in the river environment).

* Optional.